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Strength Training

Strength is essential to life.  Strength training with barbells is one of the most effective ways to become more capable and resilient.  Loss of strength is associated with many of the conditions treated by physical therapists.  We use expert knowledge and coaching skills to help you succeed in getting results with barbell-based strength training, regardless of your age or background.  If you are struggling with nagging pain, having trouble getting results with a training program, or just want to be able to do the things you love, strength training with Specialized Physical Therapy can help!

Here are some of the services we provide that might be right for you:

1. Physical Therapy

Formal rehab with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Your PT will help you classify your condition, outline mutual goals for success, and establish a plan of care to get you to your goal.  Your health insurance can often make this the most cost-effective strategy for getting results. If you have measurable pain, stiffness, or weakness, PT can help.

If you are ready to start your path to recovery, complete the appointment request form below.  We will call you and help you start getting results!

No referral required

2. Rack Rental Program

This option is for lifters who are ready to start training on their own, but need a space to do it. 

 Our gym is designed with effective barbell training in mind, and our Rack Rental

 Program entitles you to reserve a rack and equipment for an hour, up to 3 days a week.  Our staff is around when you have occasional questions or need a spotter. Think of it like a specially tailored gym membership. Spaces are limited, to ensure we don't overbook our platforms and equipment.  If you're interested, call or text us at (479)-202-0337 to learn more!

3. Strong & Independent Strength Training Classes

A couple times a year, we hold special, multi-night or weekend intensive sessions to teach effective strength training philosophy, proper lifting technique, and training plan programming skills. Our goal is to make you an effective and independent coach for yourself.  In this course, you will learn the "why" behind our approach to strength trianing, how to self-correct your lifting technique, and how to navigate barriers in training.  We coach each attendee one-on-one through each of the primary lifts and hold lecture sessions containing vital information to tie it all together.  Spaces are limited, and these course are offered periodically based on community need.  If you're interest or want to learn more, fill out our google form below to be placed on an early interest list for updates on new course offerings!

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4. Personal Training with Rayzr Sharp Fitness

Matt Nelson is a certified personal trainer and a competitive powerlifter. He works one-on-one with clients. Click here to learn more or request a session.

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