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Community Partnerships

At Specialized Physical Therapy we believe in giving back to our community.  Below are some of the local groups we sponsor.  Look for us at events.

TeamE Multi Sport is founded by current professional triathlete Erin Edminister. Whom in  2017 was ranked top 7 in the US, and top 40 in World ranking.  TE has an impressive group of  supporting coaches including first ironman winner Gordon Haller, ironman certified coach Mike Felix and USAT certified coach Steve Edminister. We specialize in athletes ranging from beginner to professional. TE Multi Sport sole focus is getting athletes to not just be active but to enjoy the process. No matter where you are in your fitness journey we welcome you. 

Swim Oz is a local group that helps train swimmers to compete in open water swim events.  In addition, they offer personalized coaching to help with speed and technique.  To learn more, click on the link below!

The Rogers Public Schools Dance program began in 2013 with about 70 students. In 2015, they started the year with 161 students enrolled in the class! Soon after they added a second faculty member at Heritage in 2016, & the program grew large enough to have a full time instructor at both high schools. "Part of the reason we have had tremendous growth in such a short time is the supportive environment that we have built each year. Dance is more than just a class; it's a family".

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