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About Us

Serving Northwest Arkansas & surrounding areas since 2020.

Specialized Physical Therapy is redefining what others think about Physical Therapy. 


Our mission is to provide the best physical therapy care to our community in order to enrich the lives of our patients & clients.

We believe that every patient is unique & we will treat all patients as if they are our own family. 


We value every patient that walks through our doors and will work hard to help you achieve the pain free life you deserve.



To create the best physical therapy practice in NWA that employs the best possible
physical therapists & support staff.

Thank you for looking further into who we are at Specialized Physical Therapy. Our unique approach makes choosing us the right choice. Did you know that you don’t have to go to Physical Therapy where your doctor sends you?! Often we are given a referral to an in-house facility, but you have the option to choose where you get care. 

Here are 5 reasons you should choose SPECIALIZED PHYSICAL THERAPY:

  1. Our Physical Therapists

    All our physical therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy.  In addition, we have specialty skills that will maximize your outcomes. They provide dry needling services, as well as specific training in effective manual therapy techniques to reduce your pain. We take the time to get to know you & your specific goals/needs.  You are NOT a number to us. Click here to learn more about our staff. 

  1. Our Equipment

   We utilize the best equipment to help you achieve outstanding results. We are the only clinic in Rogers that utilizes Barbell Strength Training for our clients as an active part of their rehab. We safely teach every client proper form & will only utilize it when it is a safe part of your rehab. We have helped clients, both women & men, improve their strength through barbell training. This includes teens & clients over 70 years old! We also offer Blood Flow Restriction training as a safe & effective way to help you achieve maximum results. Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) uses a compressive cuff worn around the arm or leg to reduce blood flow to muscle groups. The effects create increased fatigue, improved exercise efficiency, faster muscular response/growth, & improved athletic performance. This is just a brief of what we have to offer! If you are interested in another form of treatment, give us a call!

  1. Our Client Testimonies & Reviews

  We are the most reviewed clinic in the Rogers/Bentonville area. We have over 140 5 star reviews on Google! Our patients love to share their experience with others.

  1. Our Facility 

   Our facility is designed to make your rehab experience very comfortable. With over 2500 square feet, there is plenty of space for comfort during treatment. We offer complimentary water, candy & tv/music entertainment for your enjoyment. We go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable when you step inside our facility.

  1. Our Services

   We provide Physical Therapy services for Orthopaedic needs. In addition, we can help you with post-surgical recovery & even TMJ pain! We have a massage therapist located in our facility with over 15 years of experience. We have also began to host Strength Training classes to teach our community how to implement Strength Training into their daily exercise routine.


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